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UV Tanning

Try our award winning sunbeds

UV tanning is the perfect way to get that authentic bronzed look without having to spend a fortune on a foreign holiday or wait for that one day in the British summer when it’s actually sunny. Here at Orchid Beauty Spa we have two award-winning 160 watt vertical sunbeds, with booster tubes for your upper body, face and lower legs for maximum results.

We can charge either on a pay as you go basis, or alternatively you can arrange a block session. We supply the latest accelerators and disposable eye protection, ensuring that you achieve a successful tan that you’ll be delighted with, but more importantly that you do so safely.

Award winning vertical sunbeds

Our pricing structure for UV tanning is as follows:

Pay as you go

  • 3 mins – £2.50

  • 6 mins – £5.00

  • 9 mins – £7.50

  • 12 mins – £10.00

Block sessions

  • 30 mins + FREE 15 mins – £22.50

  • 60 mins + FREE 30 mins – £40.00

  • 120 mins + FREE 30 mins – £65.00

  • 180 mins + FREE 30 mins – £80.00

UV tanning is of course not without its risks, which is why our staff are trained to help and advise you with any questions you might have. To find out more please feel free to contact us on 01280 700820, or alternatively if you’d like to have a look at our facilities as well as other treatments on offer, you can pop in to visit us in Brackley.

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