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There are few more luxurious ways of pampering yourself than with a nice relaxing massage, and at Orchid Beauty Spa our massage treatments can let you unwind in opulent decadence at the hands of our expert masseurs.

Using a range of different massage techniques we can help to ease the pressures and strains of daily life, as well as relieving aches, pains and muscle tension allowing you to feel more like yourself. Simply step into our massage room and let us do the rest as your worries fade away.

Our treatment options include:

Orchid Beauty Spa Back, Neck and Shoulders – £30

This 25 minute treatment focusses on some of the most common problem areas when it comes to stress and muscle tension. Relax and let our highly trained team do their work, and by the time they’re finished we’re sure you’ll be feeling infinitely better than when you walked in.

Orchid Beauty Spa Full Body Massage – £45

This treatment effectively gives you the works. A full body massage starting with the backs of your legs, moving up to your back, covering the front of your legs and arms before finishing with a lovely shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage. What more could you want?

So if you’re looking for beauty treatments and massages in Brackley, why not pay us a visit or feel free to contact us on 01280 700820.

Orchid Beauty Spa Head Massage – £15

This 25 minute treatment focuses all attention on the head, helping to relieve pressure and relax the muscles connecting your head to your neck, as well as reducing the symptoms of tension headaches due to tightly tied up hair.

Orchid Beauty Spa Neck, Shoulders, Face and Head Massage – £ 30

This 30 minute treatment allows us to reduce the tension and knots in your shoulders and neck, reducing the tight feeling at the back of your head and improving your relaxation levels.

Orchid Beauty Spa Leg & Feet Massage – £20

If you are on your feet all day, this is the treatment for you, in only 20 minute this treatment undoes all the damage done by being on your feet.


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